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Considerations in an Advertising Strategy

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Assume you are developing an advertising strategy for the promotion of a new product. What are some things you should consider? Why is having a strategy behind advertising important?

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The importance of having an advertising strategy as well which factors one must consider when drafting such a strategy is explained here in 515 words.

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Assuming that our target market has already been identified at this point, several of the main points to consider will be based on the target market. We would look at our target market, and determine where our target market is the most likely to see our ad, and in what locations. If our target market is parents, and our product is a baby product, our locations to consider will include stores like Babies R Us, and advertising during events that focus on babies and children, including advertising our product on television during morning cartoons. Our strategy will take into account our budget for our new product advertising, and our efforts will be based on the amount of our budget. We do not want to go over budget, as it would ...

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