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Resource Considerations and Communication Requirements

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I choose my business-related project as a Barbecue Restaurant and build a website for a local Barbecue Restaurant which is advertised, their menu's are available for download, and their products are sold (i.e. seasoning, sauces, T-shirts, hats, buttons, etc.). This project would include a development of a website, advertising to the community, selling product, advertising local comedians, and having various shows, and a social network for the community to come together. I have to Submit a project plan with the following considerations:

Needs identification
Resource Considerations
Team Communication Requirements

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//Before lettering about the essentials to be included in the project plan of the Barbeque Restaurant; we have to understand the main part of the business and the product offerings of the restaurant. Then, we will discuss about the essentials to be included in the project plan. It will assist in understanding the requirements of a project plan and the considerations of a business. Firstly, we will discuss about the need identification for running a business.//


This paper describes the essential considerations, which form the main part of business related project for the Barbeque Restaurant. The consideration described here includes: Need Identification, Resource Considerations and Team Communication Requirements. The first step in any project is to identify the need so that the requirements of the target customers can be met effectively. For the successful completion of any project, communication among the team plays a vital role.

Needs identification

Identification of needs is very essential for all the firms ...

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