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Effectiveness of Television Advertising

1. What are the three most effective advertisements on television today?
2. What makes them effective?
3. What are the three least effective advertisements on television?
4. What makes them ineffective?
5. If you can recall them, are they really ineffective?

(Cite references when possible) Thanks for getting me started!

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The three most effective advertisements on television today are the Kia commercial with the hamsters, comparing the car to appliances like the washer and toaster, the National Flood Insurance program advertisement with the house flooding and the American Human Society ad that shows video of abused and neglected animals. All three of these advertisements have one important feature in common, a clearly defined call to action. "The combination of a simple message, a clear call to action and a differentiating product offering all helped this ad stand out from others" (Ace Metrix, ...

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The solution reviews examples of television ads and compares the most effective with those viewed as least effective.