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Global Advertising Portion

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Choose a country-Greece,
Company Santo Wine
Product to launch-gourmet olives
Market where that product is not currently marketed by that company in France

Complete the global advertising portion of the Global Marketing Plan. This portion of the plan presents your global advertising strategy for your product. The advertising portion of your plan should:
(a) Discuss the various methodologies and techniques that can be used to promote your product in the global market.
(b) Describe methods you plan to use for creating global presence and visibility in advertising campaigns.
(c) Select the best promotional tools to promote your product in the global market. Discuss the associated pros and cons of these tools.
(d) Discuss what actionable measurement tools you will implement to actively understand the success of your advertising methods
Complete the Executive Summary portion of the Global Marketing Plan. This element must be included at the beginning of the plan. This element of your plan must be no more than 500 words and must follow APA format. If an executive were to read no more than this summary, they must understand what you are trying to achieve and how each element of the plan ties together in meeting the goals of your plan.

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A Global Marketing Plan for Santo Wine Company

Executive Summary
This paper discusses about the global marketing advertising strategy of Santo Wine Company that wants to introduce its new product gourmet olives in France. For promoting, this product in global market, direct mail, television commercials, outdoor advertising are selected. To increase global presence of the company, websites and social media are proposed. For the promotion in the global market, coupons, discounts, premiums and samples are selected for effective advertising. Various actionable measurement tools are selected for measuring the effectiveness of advertising activities like response cards, toll free number and tracking software.

Methodologies and Techniques
Santo Wine is a Greek company that wants to launch a product, gourmet olives in France. For promoting the Gourmet olives in the global market, Santo Wine will use various techniques and methodologies. Advertising is the best tool to promote the product globally. The company will use many forms of ...

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