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Online Advertising Industry Analysis

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Help me with doing research on industries:
- Please provide a proposal
- Please provide a description of the industry (any selected) using Porters Five Model
- Naics code and description of the industry selected
- Country level information: Current size of the industry in terms of revenues, evolution of the industry's revenues in terms of historical figures (at least 5 years) number of competitors,segments of the industry,quantitative information about those segments.
- State level: same as above, but for the most likely state in which the students business might be developed
- City level: same as above but for the city in which the students business might be developed
- Porters Five Forces Model:applied to the city level. Explains as much as possible about each one of the 5 forces. In regards to competitors, after giving general information about the main competitors
- Please include some numeric tables and graphs

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Online advertising is simply using the internet as an advertising medium where promotional messages appear on a computer screen. Since the communication software (browser) reveals sufficient information about the site's visitors, online advertising can be easily custom-tailored to match user preferences. The main goal of online/internet advertising is to drive customers to our website or location, or to make a call regarding our products or services.
Description of the Industry:
Online advertising typically have the same design and content requirements like traditional advertising. The aim is to present your message concisely and clearly, and relate it to an emotion or a situation shared by the consumers you're trying to reach. The annual revenue in the global online advertising industry is forecast to reach an estimated $139.8 billion in 2018 with a CAGR of 7.3% during 2013-2018. The industry witnessed a CAGR of 12.4% during 2007-2012 as revenue reached $91.6 billion in 2012.

The top three and top five players of the industry accounted for 64% and 69% of global revenue, respectively, in 2012. Currently the internet growth is shifting to emerging markets and Asia. Researchers estimate the world online advertising market will reach almost $73 billion by the year 2015; the market growth is mainly fuelled by widespread internet penetration across both developed and developing countries. The increasing number of companies is opting for digital advertising solutions to benefit from the medium's simplicity and cost-effectiveness.
Currently, the world's biggest markets for online advertising industry include US, UK, Japan and China. According to the report from Global Industry Analysts, the US is now on the leading position in the global online advertising industry; Asia-Pacific is believed to outpace other regional markets in next few years with recording annual growth rate of 15%.

There is a medium degree of competition in the industry due to its moderate to high threat of substitutes and moderate buyers' power. Search advertising is expected to be the ...

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Online advertising is simply using the internet as an advertising medium where promotional messages appear on a computer screen. This solution provides a detailed, 1300 word discussion on this topic which is attached in a Word document.

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