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Online Advertising Industry

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online advertising industry
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I am doing a big research on different industries, I am looking for an independent look at the online advertising industry, addressing different aspects of the industry listed below, so that i can compare with my research and opinions. I am offering a substantial amount of credits for this so please provide a full detailed response with examples, graphs, charts. etc.

Need to show how one of the performance variables (dependent variable) is influenced by conduct and structure variables. Explain how each independent variable affects the dependent variable in your selected industry

Industry: online advertising businesses
Please provide History or background to the industry and Purpose of research on this industry. Data sources (primary/secondary)
NAICS codes
Issues that can be discussed with regards to the industry and how these issues can be solved.
Performance (Dependable Variable)
Structure, and Conduct( Explanatory variables)
Show how each influences the dependable variable
Data collections and table
Trends line (interpretation)
Is possible that the causation may be reversed (conduct to either performance or structure)? Explain
- Summary
- References

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The online advertising media enables usage of internet technologies to make it easier for publishers and ad networks to learn more about users. It emerged in 1984 when first banner ads were sold by HotWire to several advertisers. A key feature of online advertising is that consumers get content and services they require and advertisers pay for these messages sent to consumers. Consumers have a greater control over the content they view online as compared to content on traditional media. At the same time advertisers also get to know what information has been viewed by consumers based on which advertisers can target specific service or product to them. Hence, online messages are customized for every consumer. Technology plays a major role in making the customization possible. For example if user enters a key word on search engine, publisher can get to know what the consumer is looking for and can provide the same. Recent searching or browsing behavior also helps in determining specific consumer requirements. Google is one of the largest web providers with largest revenue from online advertising. Google provides multiple services like search engine, email, entertainment, videos, music, news, etc. Other players include Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook.com, Amazon sites, Ask Network, etc.
 Structure
It consists of those variables which are relatively stable over time. These variables affect the behavior of sellers and buyers in the industry. Structure of market is determined by the nature of product and the available technology in the market at that time.
The main purpose of online advertising is to spread messages of sellers to buyers. In between buyers and sellers are intermediaries who are touch point for consumers and advertisers. The search-based ...

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This solution of over 1,000 words provides a review of online advertising industry with linkage between structure, conduct and performance.

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