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    Behavioral Targeting & Other E-Commerce Concepts

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    Can someone please provide some assistance with these questions below. Each question has to be between 350 to 450 words.

    - Name three ways online advertising networks have improved on, or added to, traditional offline marketing techniques.
    - Explain how behavioral targeting is supposed to benefit both consumers and businesses.
    - How does information collected through online forms differ from site transaction logs?
    - Which potentially provides a more complete consumer profile?

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    Name three ways online advertising networks have improved on, or added to, traditional offline marketing techniques?

    The traditional offline marketing techniques are composed of print advertising, radio/ television ads, and conferences/networking such as direct mail, business cards, brochures, networking with others in the same industry and speaking in conferences to promote the product or service.

    Online advertising networks are a product of the advanced technology with the use of the computer and the Internet which makes it possible for people from all locations and demographics to access information about the products and services offered by various companies or e-commerce sites. Online marketing proves to be cheaper than offline marketing because even if it is a bit costly to create a website and to implement search engine optimization, it is more rewarding and eventually you realize that spending for offline marketing campaigns are more expensive in the long run. There are wider variety of options to choose from such as websites, blogs, videos, paid advertising, and more. In many cases, online marketing provides more chances for better customer care with its real time access to the clients or customers which gives them more opportunities to communicate with them on a daily basis and attend to their concerns instantly.

    Other advantages of online marketing over offline marketing are the following: The ability to track real time results of the people replying to the adverts. E-commerce sites can have the ...

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