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E-Marketing Questions: What would your advice be to the traditional newspaper editors be on how to compete with craigslist?

Please extrapolate the information I need to answer the following questions and make it palpable for me.

1. Check out the site www.craigslist.com and also go through the entry for craigslist on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craigslist).

What would your advice be to the traditional newspaper editors be on how to compete with craigslist?

2. You have been engaged as an e-marketing consultant by the owners of Wine.com (www.wine.com). Wine.com is a B2C site where one could research and buy wines. You have been asked to evaluate the various offline and online marketing tools available to wine.com to reach out to their customers to drive up sales. Choose any 3 marketing (online and offline) tools/strategies that are available (few are listed below to get you started) and comment on their relevance and level of effectiveness for wine.com.

Some options available as marketing tools -

? print advertisement
? online advertising in related sites
? direct mail
? Radio ads
? TV spots
? Magazine reviews and other mentions in the press

Keep in mind both online and offline marketing can help an e-business!

3. Your boss who is the VP of E-Business has asked you to draw up a list of metrics to be measured and reported on, for your company website. How would you go about deciding which metrics to choose? What 3-4 metrics would you recommend as the top priority?

Some examples of metrics could be number of visits each day to the site or look-to-buy rate (percentage of visits to the products page that are eventually converted to purchases).

(You may want to visit some popular web analytics tool companies such as webtrends (www.webtrends.com) and websidestory (www.websidestory.com) to research on web metrics

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I actually use craigslist all of the time to sell and buy things. Why do I do it? Because it is first and foremost free. Secondly, I can reach a local audience. Third, if I want a quick sale, I know that cl is the place to go. Things turn around very quickly. Finally, there are so many different categories - not only to buy and sell, but rants and raves, community events, help wanted... it is a one stop shop for many people who want information on their local community.

- A traditional newspaper can't compete with cl on many aspects - especially the price, since usually you have to pay a fee to post a classified ad. However, perhaps a newspaper can change the way that they think of their business. They should offer a classified section online, for everyone to look at, not only people who subscribe to the newspaper. CL is open to anyone who has internet. Perhaps they could have a section for free advertisements on their online website, and then have people pay for a print ad classified.

- A local newspaper will target locals, which is no different then cl. One issue with printed ads is that things do not move as quick as online ads. This is where the online section would compete. People should be ...

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