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Online and Traditional Business

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The internet has created new ways to do business for organizations with much less capital planning as opposed to the high capital needs of traditional brick and mortar organizations. Based on this, how should management and leadership be addressed for each type of business?

With this being said, I need help in researching successful traditional and online retailers and completing the questions below with at least 800 words.

-Discuss the organizational structure of one traditional and one online retailer.
-Identify two management or leadership challenges for each type of retailer.
-Are the challenges basically the same or different? In what ways are they the same or how are they different?
-If you were advising a successful leader in a traditional retailer who was interested in making the transition to working as an online retail organization, what advice would you give?

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The onset of internet business marketing presents many opportunities to reaching the targeted demographic audience. Thus, the internet marketing for business provides monument to making more strategic alliances with other business to forming partnerships that make purchasing more easier to conduct transactions, i.e. using third party payment options or co-partnership to incentives.

Let's take a look at several areas related to internet retailer research:

-Based on this, how should management and leadership is addressed for each type of business?

Management and leadership should measure the type of internet marketing based on the targeted behavior patterns in their utilizing resources. The targeted consumer online behavior patterns provide businesses the opportunities to monitor their internet marketing strategies successes or failures. Therefore, the role of management and leadership is tracking and analyzing the current trends of consumer's online purchasing behavior to re-framing the overall strategy of implementing an internet approach.
Try and think of how management and leadership should be addressed for each type of business being considered, such as; selling flowers (florist), clothing merchandise - to a creative ...

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Online and traditional businesses are examined. How management and leadership should be addressed for each type of businesses are determined.

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