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Pricing Strategy in online tutoring

Please provide guidance and possible sources that will help me develop my pricing strategy for my marketing plan. This is based on the Internet Tutoring services.

Based on the strategies of the other three marketing mix elements, explain what pricing objectives you would consider.

identify the pricing objectives you ultimately will choose and explain why.

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All the information that you have provided has been valuable. I really appreciate your help and cooperation. thank you very much.

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Since the business of online tutoring is a fairly new concept with almost nil or very little competition in the industry, the pricing objective should be decided after careful analysis of not only the pricing of the traditional mode of tutoring but also by analyzing the current and future competition in the online tutoring industry.

It is very important to analyze the pricing strategies of the traditional tutoring industry because we are trying to position our services as a cost effective option as compared to the costly services offered by traditional offline tutors. Therefore, we should not put our prices much below the high ...

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Pricing Strategy in online tutoring