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Core Strategy- Jewelry company

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Company's Name is Jazzy Jewels and the product is costume jewelry. This includes bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and specialty chains.


It is the third week of the AI Brainstorming Conference and the discussion turns toward Core Strategy. In five to six paragraphs:

1. State your core strategy (which includes the Value Proposition and Product Positioning).

2. Give advice to at least two other participants with regard to their core strategy. Does the strategy make sense? Do you understand it? Do you have suggestions for revision?

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1. State your core strategy (which includes the Value Proposition and Product Positioning).

The core strategy of your company, ie., Jazzy jewels and its product line, ie, costume jewellery should be establish a niche in the industry by providing a wide range of quality products, which is not only innovative and trendy but is not available elsewhere. This is an industry which requires lot of creativity and innovation on part of the entepreneurs in order to distinguish themselves from the industry which is full of thousands of offering from other competitors. The key to establish a niche in this industry by providing products which is not available with other vendors. This will not only give a differentiated brand image and preseence in the market but will also help in securing higher profit margins. However, the selection of niche segment and target market will also depend on the price range of the products being ...

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Core Strategy- Jewelry company

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