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    Assessment and benchmarking Human capital metrics
    Ensuring alignment Balanced Scorecard
    Agility and flexibilty

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    Assessment and benchmarking Human capital metrics
    Assessment refers to the evaluation of performance. On the other hand benchmarking refers to a self improvement tool for organizations. There is a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization with those of competitors. The purpose of benchmarking is to identify the best practices in the industry and make improvements in the functioning of the company so that the standards of best practices are achieved.
    In the context of Wal-Mart let us consider the benchmarking of sourcing of goods and products being sold by Wal-Mart. We might like to study the best practice of sourcing from Target Corporation that has established "Target Sourcing Services" that systematically assesses the factories that do business with Target Corporation for quality, labor and transshipment. If Wal-Mart is able to reach the high standards of sourcing that are being followed by Target Corporation, a number of lawsuits, and accusations related to labor rights violations would vanish.
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