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Comprehensive SWOT Analysis on Walmart

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Please provide a SWOT analysis for Walmart, which consists of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Each category should describe the issues that fall under that area. The opportunities and threats should have at least ten items identified for each.

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Walmart has been a market leader and a great retail giant. Walmart is the largest retailer and with unparalleled measure will continue to empower maintaining their market position. Walmart is perhaps one of the most well known corporations in the world. Although it started from humble origins, the corporation quickly grew to become one of the most formidable retailers in the world. Although some analysts see Walmart's rise as meteoric, particularly in the United States, the retailer's aggressive overseas expansion has raised concerns regarding Walmart's business model and internal controls to survive worldwide.

In order to become one of the world's largest retailers, Walmart possesses a myriad of strengths. The first main strength is efficiency in operations, particularly in supply chain operations. One may argue that the firm's ability to establish "lean" supply chains and superior inventory are the key planks of the firm's business model, a business model that has not been replicated by any other retailer (Walmart, 2013). These operational strengths "feed through" the system to establish another one of Walmart's strengths: pricing (low prices). While many believe that retailers establish low prices through aggressive purchasing, one of the largest components in costs for retailers is overhead expense. By cutting overhead expenses, Walmart has become one of the most efficient operators in the retail space, leveraging its strengths to solidify its competitive position at home and abroad. As the market leader in retail and unprecedented scale gives Walmart a big competitive advantage such as being the largest retailer with more than $400 billion in revenue, 8500 store (Walmart, 2013). Walmart has a low cost strategy, which enables Walmart to offer their products 12 percent lower ...

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This solution addresses Walmart's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.

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Wal Mart Case SWOT Analysis

Brief review of the company's history including significant events that shaped the development and growth of the company.

Situation Analysis including
a. general environmental analysis focused on the six segments of the general environment. To help predict the segments that will have the most influence on Wal mart over the next few years and why.

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SWOT Analysis

Strategy Formulation Identify the strategic alternatives available to Wal Mart (business or corporate level strategies) Alternatives should be feasible and support the organization and how they take advantage of the environmental opportunities and protects against environmental threats.

Strategic Alternative Implementation select a strategic alternative the will help Wal mart and identify the challenges to implementation. Recommend how to implement the strategy including structural changes, controls, or incentives that must be added for success.

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