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    Wal-Mart: SWOT analysis

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    The solution will give the SWOT analysis of WalMart as it compares with one of its competitors.

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    SWOT Analysis - WMT
    Strengths of WMT
    • Trade Name: Walmart is a renowned trade name with prominence of economical pricing of its products, convenience of locating its stores, and expansive range of products in its stores. With its brand name, WMT appeals to consumers who shop at its stores, increase its revenues and boost profit that the company can use to increase the wages of its employees.
    • International Growth: Walmart has experienced growth in recent years and established global presence. Consequently, WMT realized increase in sales from its international growth. For example, in 2015, the organization realized worldwide topmost sales of $508,465,000 in retail ("Top 100 Retailers Chart," 2015). With its global expansion, WMT can be socially responsible by increasing the wages of its employees.
    • Bulk Purchasing: Sam's Club (SC) consumers have the privilege of buying products in bulk to increase their saving capacity. Majority of Sam's consumers purchase in bulk and resell the products at their retail stores for higher profit. Purchasing in bulk increases WMT sales volume, revenue, and profit.
    Weaknesses of WMT
    • Wages of Employees: In relation to its competitors, WMT pays lower wages to its employees. For example, Costco pays $20.89 per hour to its employees who work full time, and Walmart pays $12.67 per hour to its employees who work full time (Costco vs. Wal-Mart, 2014).
    • Administration of Employees: Walmart employees complain of the ...

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