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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: On Becoming the World's Largest Company & a strategic audit

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I desperatly need help! I need to find an article on "Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: On Becoming the World's Largest Company", With that I need to produce a "Strategic Audit" for the Wal-Mart case.

I need 15-20 pages and I only have 5 so far. I know this isnt going to be easy, but I need all the help and data I can get...thanks in advance!

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"A key strategy of Wal-Mart is to dominate the retail market. Company founder Sam Walton put in place a retail philosophy the company still follows. Wal-Mart is primarily a discount retailer because ..."

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I need ideas for a paper on how Wal-Mart became the World's largest Company and a Strategic Audit for the Wal-Mart case.

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