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Strategic Management of Wal-Mart

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How well has Wal-Mart done in seizing upon external opportunities, and in handling outside threats by leveraging its strengths. How has its weaknesses exacerbated the threats and cause them to fail to take advantage of opportunities? Has the company realized the mission and vision through dealing with exogenous threats and external opportunities?

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Strategic management of Wal-Mart is examined.

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How well Wal-Mart has done seizing upon external opportunities and handled outside threats by leveraging its strengths:

Wal-Mart has been able to build on their internal strengths in order to take advantage of various opportunities it faces. It has been able to use its high revenues and strong growth to exploit opportunities in emerging markets where the retail sectors are performing highly such as open shop in India and China where there a big market base due to the high population (Gereffi and Ong, 2010). In the recent recession the company also used its strength of being a low prices seller to appeal a newer customer segment affected the recession. It is also using it hi-tech information technology system to exploit new market developments in various locations thereby analyzing the viability of expanding to these regions. Its wide array of stores dealing with a wide array of goods also gives it leverage when it wants to diversify their stores either into mall based sites, or large superstores in order to up its competitive game in the market. It has also used its information technology to enhance and advance internet shopping which has been growing radically over the past few years since the new millennium (Research and Markets, 2011).

Wal-Mart has also been able to leverage its strengths in dealing with the various threats that it may be facing. The threat of substitution of Wal-Mart's product in others store due to high competition in the market has been reduced by Wal-Mart including over forty ...

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