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Strategic Management Topics Relating to Wal-Mart

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1. We are going to have discussions on strategic management topics, as they apply to companies.

For this assignment, we will focus on Wal-Mart, the retailer giant. As you research Wal-Mart, you may want to compare and contrast that company with the others you have read about.

Please visit the Wal-Mart site, and identify their mission and vision, as well as their major stakeholders. (Please note that the stakeholders aren't just the shareholders. The stakeholders include everyone who is affected by the success or failure of the company.)

Please analyze how Wal-Mart represents and advances the goals of its stakeholders. Note: We are interested in your thoughts on this topic. Though you will want to consult some websites or other resources, please do not cut-and-paste material directly from those resources.

2. External analysis enables companies to identify threats and opportunities. Threats are conditions that preclude companies from functioning and making profits. Opportunities are conditions which enable companies to make profits.
The Five Forces model by Porter is a very useful framework utilized to perform industry analysis.

Let us continue with Wal-Mart. Discuss the external environment for Wal-Mart, at all levels, such as macro environment, global, and industry.

3. Briefly assess the internal environment at Wal-Mart. Try to fully assess just one internal strength or weakness, and explain how it impacts an external opportunity or threat.

4. Analyze Wal-Mart's strategic choices at the business, functional, corporate and global levels. Choose one strategic choice, and identify which level it addresses. Later on in the discussion, consider whether the strategic choices are in sync with their generic strategy as described by Porter.

5. In order to implement a strategic choice, organizations use structures, control systems, HR policies, culture. Let us revisit Wal-Mart and analyze how they implement the strategies they currently pursue. Again, choose one implementation tactic, identify whether it concerns structure, controls, HR, or culture and whether or not you think it positively supports their strategy at the proper level.

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1. Mission: Saving people money so that they can live better
Vision: To be a worldwide leader in retail
Stakeholders: Internal-employees; External-customers, suppliers
Wal-Mart believes in its employees for making a difference. No matter what color, background, or lifestyle, each employee is treated with respect.

In maintaining the belief service to customers, Wal-Mart offers the lowest price for its products. In building supplier relationships, Wal-Mart manages its suppliers by open communication about its expectations and having dedicated suppliers for ...

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