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Ethical Issues Facing Wal-Mart

Read Case Study 22, 'Wal-Mart: But We Do Give Them a 10 Percent Employee Discount. Summarize the overall viewpoint of the author. Discuss ethical issues facing Wal-Mart dealing with, 'off-the-clock-work', sexual discrimination, health benefits, the role of unions, the use of undocumented workers, as well as issues relating to child and labor laws.

Review the Questions for thought:
1. Are the ethical issues wal-mart faces really any different from other large retailers?
2. Wal-Mart officials have stated that they don't feel women are interested in management positions at the company. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons to support your answer.
3. Wal-Mart is continually criticized for its health-care policy. Is this really a controversy in the area of business Ethics? Why or why not?
4. Should Wal-Mart be concerned about unionization of stores since allowing unionization of workers in china?

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The overall viewpoint of the case is that Walmart has always tried to take advantage of the workers and engage in unethical practices or actions with the employees of the organization. The approach of the company with respect to providing health benefits, gender related discrimination and "off-the-clock" work depicts violations of ethical code of conduct and principles/standards at Walmart. The company's prime motive has been cost reduction and operational efficiency with no focus on adhering to ethical standards and ethical behavior with employees.

1. Are the ethical issues wal-mart faces really any different from other large retailers?

No, the ethical issues faced by walmart are not different from other ...

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The solution gives 443 words on a case study on Wal-Mart's employee policy and the ethical issues and possible unionization they are facing because of it.