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    Comparative analysis of the firms

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    Identify two firms with similar problems but from different countries. Comparative analysis of the firms. Analyze political social, ethical, and legal differences facing both organizations and determine the impact these differences have on management decision-making.

    Provide substantive conclusion and recommendations support the analysis with academic citations and aligned references.

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    //In this paper, we will deal with two companies. The companies discussed are Wal-Mart and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, facing similar issues in different countries. Then, we will discuss their political, social, legal and ethical differences and then their impact on management decisions which will lead to conclusion and along with that recommendations are also provided.//

    Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation is Swiss based company which is created with the merger of two firms Ciba- Geigy and Sandoz. It is the world leader in the research and development of products that protect and improve health and well-being. It deals mainly in pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer health, eye care and animal health.

    Wal-Mart is an America based organization. It runs a chain of large discount department stores. It was incorporated in 1962. It is the largest private organization in the world.

    Both companies having similar issue:

    Both companies discriminate employees on the basis of gender. Companies treat women unfairly in case of position, salaries, etc (Friedman, 2010).

    Comparative Analysis of the firm on the basis of following factors:

    Political Differences: Wal-Mart is a US based organization. It has a federal government; therefore, they cannot make laws on any matter. Hence, company laws can be liberal, whereas Novartis Pharmaceutical is a UK based organization. UK has a responsible government and they can make rules on any matter so company has to rigid in making rules and regulations of the company. UK government has the power to make laws on any matter. US political system has shortcomings which affects the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 953 words with references.