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Wal Mart Case SWOT Analysis

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Brief review of the company's history including significant events that shaped the development and growth of the company.

Situation Analysis including
a. general environmental analysis focused on the six segments of the general environment. To help predict the segments that will have the most influence on Wal mart over the next few years and why.

b. Industry analysis with Porter's 5 forces model to analyze the industry. What factors create attractiveness for firms to compete.

c. Competitor Analysis - Analyze primary competitors for Wal mart identifying current strategies, vision, mission, capabilities, core competencies, and a competitive response profile.

d. Internal Analysis - Assess Wal Mart's strengths and weaknesses through a value-chain

SWOT Analysis

Strategy Formulation Identify the strategic alternatives available to Wal Mart (business or corporate level strategies) Alternatives should be feasible and support the organization and how they take advantage of the environmental opportunities and protects against environmental threats.

Strategic Alternative Implementation select a strategic alternative the will help Wal mart and identify the challenges to implementation. Recommend how to implement the strategy including structural changes, controls, or incentives that must be added for success.

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This in-depth solution of 6,443 words looks at the the background history of WalMart: products, distribution, and philosophy. It also conducts an external factor analysis summary, competitor analysis, force analysis and SWOT analysis.

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