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SWOT About Walmart

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Please help with Swot on Walmart.

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When I worked on a Walmart SWOT, this information was very valuable.

See below:

"A SWOT Analysis of Retail Giant Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) has forever been a market leader, and a great company to have your money in. Let's do a SWOT of the retail giant.


- A 2.3% dividend yield puts the stock well ahead on the yield curve than a ten year treasury. Raised its dividend 18% on Friday.

- For the most recent quarter, and I quote: "gross margin was 24.9%, 10 basis points better than the prior-year quarter. Operating margin was 6.7%, 10 basis points worse than the prior-year quarter. Net margin was 4.4%, 20 basis points better than the prior-year quarter.".... Never a bad thing to see increasing margins!

- Has outperformed the market for the last million consecutive years. One of the best performing stocks of all the time.

- One huge strength Walmart has is it owns much of the property its stores lie on. Many of these properties were purchased years ago, and are not marked up on the balance sheet to ...

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This article provides information about the Walmart giant's SWOT.

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