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Problem solving-QC and CI

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Using the Problem Statement: How can a school increase online student satisfaction?
1. Brainstorm a list of at least three ideas.
2. Be sure to discuss why you feel these ideas would improve student satisfaction.
3. Select one idea and create a plan for implementing the idea.

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//Educational effectiveness and learning are national issues and online education has become a chief element during the last decade as enrollment in online courses continues to increase. Thus, there is a constant demand to understand the aspects that affect students' satisfaction with online learning. The following section discusses the ideas that are required to increase online student satisfaction.//

Ideas to increase online student satisfaction

As an increasing number of colleges and schools identify online education as a crucial component to their long-term strategy, the issue of retention can no longer be avoided (Bourne & Moore, 2002). Therefore, it has become important to understand the reason behind leaving the online courses by students, and implementation of new ideas to keep them there. An institution can help to increase its online students by adopting following ideas.

An online tutoring program: A school, in order to increase its online student satisfaction, should introduce a program that includes tutors available both on the phone and online, ...

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