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    Teamwork, Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Objectives

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    Hello. Please assist in putting together a summary of these objectives of 150 to 200 words:

    Identify barriers to creativity.
    Employ techniques for encouraging creativity in problem solving.
    Compile a problem solving plan.
    Rate the effectiveness of team performance.

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    Barriers to Creativity

    In management, it is believed that inherently, every organization's member is creative. This individual creativity is essential to the organization's success. Barriers though exist that stop said creativity from being harnessed efficiently. They include, as it stands, the way an organization is structured. Culture can also be a barrier. There are personal differences between employees (conflict), inefficient communication systems, stressful environment, lack of incentive and support, over management, as well as the pressure to keep on producing, leading many to adapt a monotonous and routine work approach which is a deterrent in manifesting creativity.

    Encouraging Creativity

    There are varied ways that management and leadership can encourage creativity within the ranks. Many believe that it starts with the leaders themselves and the vision they provide. Then, looking at the barriers, a system must be put in place to combat said barriers and ease the creative side of employees out in the open to be harnessed in solving problems and reaching goals. Duke Rohe (2008), a Performance Improvement Specialists from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas suggests the following ...

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