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Teamwork, Collaboration and Conflict Resolution

1. Examine an instance when you were in a meeting where an agenda was not used. What was the end result of the meeting's proceedings?

2. What communication strategies may be used to build rapport and team cohesiveness in a virtual environment?

3. In what way is listening important to effective group and team communication?

4. What might teams do to improve how the team functions? How do you personally listen effectively in the online environment?

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1) When I am in meetings without an agenda, the meeting is very drawn out and usually lasts longer than it needs to. In the end, the most important issues are not covered and the disorganization causes a lot of people to go off on tangents and talk about issues that are not relevant to the meeting at hand. Therefore, when an agenda is not used, it becomes a waste of time for everyone involved.

2) Instant messaging and ...

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