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Discussing New Economy Tools

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Background: Please see the attached document for background information.

I am having trouble getting started and formulating ideas, any help would be appreciated.

Directions: Identify relevant new-economy tools that are included in the overall marketing strategy for the product or company.

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In about 680 words, this solution uses the given background information on this subject of economy tools to highlight how newer economy tools can be used in marketing products or companies.

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Firstly, you must have already known that technology plays a critical role in the development of the "New Economy", whoever has a comparative advantage in technology will be the winner.

So refer back to your case - the product of "Online cosmetic surgery advice and solutions", list down those which is obviously a new economy tools:

1. Dot com (the Online cosmetic surgery advice and solutions own website)
1.1. The "dot-coms" are the most visible enablers of the new economy.
1.2. E-commerce, is fundamentally changing ordering processes:
- Qualified as a fully enabled eCommerce site?
- Yes
- Because by definition, eCommerce allows a company to transfer ownership of a product or service via a monetary transfer and delivery of that product or service to the end user, the customer.
1.3. Look at the idea of providing surgery advice and solution then quoting a price as a product - those solid products - customer (i.e. actors / stars) can "order" or "purchase" them via the Internet directly. Delivery times have been slashed, and costs sharply cut. Everyone benefits. ...

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