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Organizational Behavior Research

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In order to acquire the tools for a serious study of Organizational Behavior, search online research library or in a public library near you and find a research-oriented journal article on a topic that contributes to the science of Organizational Behavior. Please do not use Wikipedia.

Explain what category of organizational behavior to which this article contributes and what type of outcome to which the application of this knowledge would contribute. Then answer the following questions that directly relate to the Scientific Research Process.

1. What background research is used to amplify the significance of the central issue?
2. How are prior research findings used in developing the study's hypotheses?
3. What are the expectations about the results of the study prior to the data analysis?
4. How were the data collected and analyzed?
5. What do the results say?
6. How do the results differ from what was predicted?
7. What kinds of further research would be useful to extend knowledge derived from the present study?
8. What are the limitations of the present study?
9. How might you change the study to make it a better test of the hypothesis?

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The article is Threat Rigidity Effects in Organizational Behavior: A Multilevel Analysis
Barry M. Staw; Lance E. Sandelands; Jane E. Dutton
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 26, No. 4. (Dec., 1981), pp. 501-524.

The category of organizational behavior to which this article contributes is that of threat rigidity effects in organizational behavior. The effect of threat on individual, group, and organizational behavior is analyzed.

1. What background research is used to amplify the significance of the central issue?
The background research that the authors have used to amplify the significance of the central issues are recent economic trends, the examination of the lifespan of a large number of organizations under varying environmental conditions, and how specific organizations have adopted to threatening environments. The article has also pointed out sociological theories that describe how organizations attempt to cope with potential sources of adversity by adopting their internal structure or by taking actions to enhance their position in the environment. The author feels that while most of the literature focuses on methods of coping with adversity necessary for improving the chances of survival or protecting their interests, However, the identification of maladaptive cycles of behavior is ...

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This solution answers the seven questions using the article "Threat Rigidity Effects in Organizational Behavior: A Multilevel Analysis" by Barry M. Staw, Lance E. Sandelands, and Jane E. Dutton. This solution is 746 words.

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