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    Organizational Developmental Psychology

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    Business organizations have evolved in response to changes in the economy, from Industrial era manufacturing to Internet-era service and marketing. Those who want to study and guide organizations have also evolved. One result is the emergence of Organizational Psychology and Development, a discipline that draws from Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Organizational Development, and Organizational Behavior. What do these changes mean for OPD professionals?

    •Review and reflect on the readings from Chapter 1 in the course text Behavior in Organizations about the field of Organizational Behavior.

    •Draw on the history of business in the American economy described in the course text Business: A Changing World (pp. 19-24), and think about how the world of business has changed over the years.

    •Reflect on the course media, "The OPD Professional." Consider how OPD has evolved since its inception, and the future directions for the field.

    •Take into account where the world of business and OPD were "then and now."

    Develop an explanation of the evolution of OPD, highlighting how it has developed to meet the needs of business/organizations in today's complex and changing world. Provide specific examples as relevant, and provide links to businesses that illustrate your examples. Then describe what you believe are the greatest challenges and opportunities of OPD professionals.

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    Organizational Psychology

    Organizational Behavior (OB) as a field of study is research that explores human behavior in organizational settings. It looks at how people relate to each other and the interface between 3 entities - the individual, the human collective and the organization itself. As a field of study thus, the aim is to understand human behavior within an organizational environment to improve attitudes and behaviors within that environment. As such, the applications of this field of study are of great importance to organizations, businesses and corporations both public and private. According to Colquitt, LePine and Wesson (2012), "Organizational behavior (OB) is a field of study devoted to understanding, explaining, and ultimately improving the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and groups in organizations. Scholars in management departments of ...

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