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    Critical researcher in developmental psychology research

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    What are two attributes that are the most important to being a critical reader/consumer of developmental psychology research and why are they important. Also describe two major ethical issues related to conducting research in developmental psychology within a specific culture and /or population (African Americans). Explain the challenges that may occur if these issues are not taken into consideration.

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    Developmental Research and Ethics:

    Two attributes that are most important in being a critical reader and consumer of developmental psychology research are being aware of "socioemotional concerns and conducting re-evaluation in screening processes" (McCrae, Cahalane, & Fusco, 2011). A critical reader in learning theoretical aspects and exploring research in developmental psychology should develop multiple lenses in evaluating and synthesizing research findings. Multicultural awareness is essential in understanding the challenges and issues that impact the developmental stages of ones' life. McCrae (2011) provides questionnaires for developmental stages screening in child welfare based on "socioemotional problems, interventions and ...

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    There is a wealth of information available to us through the technological advancements and in evaluating credible sources we face many challenges. However, it is essential to be a critical researcher in the specialty of developmental psychology research even when challenged cultural influences.