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Early experiences and critical periods

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Discuss early experiences and critical periods of developmental psychology. (approx. 300-500 words)

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1. Discuss early experiences and critical periods of developmental psychology. (approx. 300-500 words)

Critical periods in developmental psychology is a time in the early stages of an individual's life when she or he displays a heightened sensitivity to certain environmental stimuli, and develops in particular ways due to early experiences at this time.
It is believed that if the child does not receive the appropriate stimulus during this "critical period", it may be difficult, or even impossible, for the individual to develop some functions later in life (Critical period, n.d.). These observations began in biology, where the critical period for the development of a child's binocular vision is thought to be between one and three years (Almi, Finger & Finger, 1987) and further critical periods were also identified for the development of hearing and the vestibular system (Moorman, at al., 2002).

In biological psychology there is also proposed to be "critical periods" in childhood in which imprinting can occur, such as when a greylag goose becomes attached to a parent figure within the first 36 ...

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Discusses early experiences and critical periods of developmental psychology. References are provided.

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