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    Social Biology influences on psychology

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    Define the main biological influences of psychology.
    Describe cognitive and psycho-social components of human development.
    Distinguish differing schools of psychology.
    Describe major perspectives of psychological science.
    Apply critical thinking skills to the content of the course.
    Explain normal and pathological behavior.

    Use APA format to cite and for references

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    Define the main biological influences of psychology.

    Biological factors such as genetics, evolution, biochemistry, and bodily processes contribute to the operation and development of personality (Buss, 1990). Most modern psychologist still operates of the nurture versus nature argument. They take into account the biological make-up and then the interactions with environment to develop our personality. The first step would be to not only have a good understanding of the biological factors but then how environmental interactions would influence ones outcome. This implies that both factors are of some importance in determining the personality of an individual (Carducci, 2002).

    Describe cognitive and psycho-social components of human development.

    Human development is defined as "change during the life course in enduring patterns of behavior or perception resulting from the interplay of biological characteristics of the person and the environment" (Bronfenbrenner, 1983).
    Cognition is the processing of the brain. Cognitive components of human development first start at birth; the framework of what we are to become. These are the attributes that we get from our parents in our DNA. As we grow we go through developmental stages in life; how fast and productive is dependant on out cognitive ability. Both Freud and Piaget have humans going through stages of development (Carducci, 2002). Damage to a person's cognition either while in vitro or through growth, could have an impact on the success of each developmental stage. Cognitive development is the ...

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