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History of the relationship between biology and psychology

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Discuss and provide an analysis of the history of the relationship between biology and psychology. Explain an area of psychology that has benefited from the understanding of biology. Support your explanations and analysis with the required text and at least one journal article that you locate in the online journal databases.

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Discuss and provide an analysis of the history of the relationship between biology and psychology.

Psychology is defined as the study of the mind and how human thoughts, actions and perceptions are guided and directed by the process. The roots of psychology can be traced back to the early Greeks and have close ties with biology and philosophy, in particular the subfields of epistemology and physiology. Without the knowledge of biological principles, human behavior or the study of it could not be understood (Saurab, 2012).

McLeod (2007) defines biology as the study of life. He further explains that a biological perspective when studying psychology is relevant in three ways.

1. Human behavior can be better understood when comparing and studying ...

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