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    Biological Influences of Psychology

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    Define the main biological influences of psychology.

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    1. Define the main biological influences of psychology.

    Psychologists are interested in the biological influences of psychology as a way of understanding and explaining the underlying mechanisms of human behavior. How do people and animals adapt to their environment? How do we deal with anxiety and stress? Can we make computers easier to use? What makes a person commit a crime? Understanding the mechanisms that underlie the behaviour of people and animals is the basic goal of psychology. By studying factors ranging from biological influences to the interaction of social groups, the discipline of psychology offers a wide variety of explanations to account for behaviour. Whatever the approach, the goal of psychologists is to understand what causes people and animals to act the way they do. Such an understanding not only has theoretical value, but also the potential for practical, real-world applications.

    Now back to the question. This question is asking for the definition of the potential biological influences of psychology. In other words, what specific biological factors influence how we think, feel and behave? In fact, behavioral neuroscientists explore the biological influences, such as the evolution and ...

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