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intelligence and achievement

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Provide an explanation of the difference between intelligence and achievement. Then briefly describe the two environmental and/or biological influences you selected. Explain the effects of each influence on intelligence and achievement. Be specific and provide examples from resources.

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A brief examination of intelligence and achievement is provided.

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As you offer an explanation of the difference between intelligence and achievement, I feel like many definitions relate to biological influences. One source suggests that intelligence refers to one's "mental ability" (

Experts also define intelligence as a "Person's performance on some task that has substantial information-processing component when the person is trying to perform that task as well as possible" (http://www.psych.umn.edu/courses/spring07/yoonh/psy3135/lecture/Human%20Intelligence%20(Slides).pdf). These two definitions embody a cognitive spin.

I see intelligence as one's sense of "know how," competence, or overall aptitude.

Achievement, on the other hand, seems more like an offshoot of intelligence to me since it ...

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