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Psychological Assessment

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Give a comparison of intelligence and achievement tests for adults. Explain at least two insights and/or conclusions that can be drawn from the comparison, and explain why these tests are important. Give examples.

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The following solution compares intelligence and achievement tests for adults. It also explains the importance of these tests. Examples are also given.

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An achievement test is a standardized test used to measure acquired learning in a specific subject area. A common form of this type of test is the Wide Range Achievement Test: a screening test that can be administered to determine if a more comprehensive achievement test is required. These tests refer to skills that are learned through direct instruction. The Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT-3) measures basic skills in reading, math and spelling. Intelligence tests are psychological tests that are designed to measure various mental functions such as reasoning, comprehension and judgement. The goal of intelligence tests is to get an idea of a person's intelle ctual potential. The tests center around a set of stimuli intended to yield a score based on the test maker's model of what makes up intelligence. These tests are often given as a part of a battery of tests.

The WRAT-3 achievement test has 2 types of test forms. One form is administered with the second form if needed. When ...

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