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psychological personality assessment instrument or inventory

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Hi, I am looking for information on the Google and school library. I am lost could you please give a definition on psychological personality assessment instrument and psychological personality assessment inventory. I need to know the difference between instrument and inventory. Once I figure out that then I can pick my articles and talk about obsessive-compulsive disorder. if you have any suggesting on where I can find very good articles that would be great. I hope you can help me out.

Explore the psychological literature to find three to five articles that test the use of this inventory or assessment on a specific population. This population could be a particular disorder, such as bulimia or obsessive-compulsive disorder, or a demographic population.

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Psychological personality assessment instruments and inventories are examined.

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Personality Assessment:

Personality assessments are undertaken to establish the behavioral personality of an individual in the society. In the assessing of the personality of an individual in diverse setting there are tools that are used. It is paramount the tools that are selected yield accurate results that is will lead to the proper diagnosis of the person. For the assessments to be useful they have to be undertaken by the use of standardized criteria that will be reliable, and valid in all the setting that they will be used in. In the analysis of the personality of an individual the following can be used; personality assessment instruments and personality assessment inventories. It is imperative to note the assessments are geared towards the ascertaining of the specific behavior of an individual as well as their cognitive aspects (Personality Assessment, 2012).

Psychological Personality ...

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