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Intelligence and achievement

What are the similarities and differences between achievement and intelligence? How are the two assessed?

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Intelligence is a collection of abilities that enables people to experience, learn, think and adapt successfully to the world. Acheivement is something that has been accomplished especially by high ability, a strong effort or a good or heroic deed. People who are deemed "intelligent" and people who have been shown to high achievers are both generally seen this way due to having a great deal of knowledge in one or more areas. However unlike intelligence achievement is not necessarily based on one's knowledge and how he/she uses that knowledge. A person can achieve something by solely by determination and the willingness to work harder than others may work toward the same goal. Achievement may even be based on pure luck, while intelligence may be innate and/or developed over time.People may be seen as intelligent because they are well educated but are incapable of achieving their goals due to other factors such as laziness , a lack of confidence in themselves or ...

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Intelligence and achievement are compared and contrasted in this solution. The ways in which they are assessed is also discussed.