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    Global Business Environment

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    For the past 4 years, you have been working as a Business Analyst for a company named Pacific Oceanic Tech. Pacific Oceanic Tech., which is located in Los Angeles, California, manufactures and sells computers and computer software solely within the domestic market and Canada. Your company is in the process of expanding internationally and they have assigned you to a new position gathering valuable information regarding operations. Your new manager, Mr. Johnson, explains to you that the new position requires examining the potential of developing new operations in an emerging nation, and for you to prepare relevant profiles and analyses.

    As an example, one section of your template might look like the following:

    Host country: United States



    Bullet 1:

    Bullet 2

    Assignment: Cultural Profile of

    Section-Business Etiquette (why should P.O.T. be concerned about this when expanding into other countries).

    Sub-Section-Meeting and Greeting Etiqutte with 3 bullets
    Sub-Section-Business Cards Etiqutte with 3 bullets
    Sub-Section-Gift Giving Etiqutte with 3 bullets

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    //Before expanding the business in the USA, it is necessary to know the culture of the country. The best way to expand the business is to know the culture and change the business style accordingly in the country. Hence, the business culture and etiquettes of the country are as follow.//

    U.S. is the most advanced and developed nation in the world and its business system uses highly developed techniques. Gross national product of the USA is the highest in the world. Though there is no official language in the country, English is accepted as the national language unofficially. For an outsider, the business culture of the USA may look very informal and relaxed, but the people doing business take work meetings very seriously. There are always certain rules, which must be followed by every person involved in the meeting (DuPont, 1998).

    While attending a business meeting in USA, the most ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 605 words with references.