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Southwest Airlines' Culture of Human Capital

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Analyze the key elements of organizational behavior pertaining to Southwest Airlines

Begin with a brief background of the company and its industry.
? What are the types of groups that are common in your organization? Create recommendations for successful facilitation of the groups.
? Describe some of the strengths and weaknesses that you have observed in group decision making. What are your recommendations for improving group decision making in your organization?
? Discuss the types of teams found in your organization.
? Describe and explain the goals of the team
? Discuss potential decision-making pitfalls this team might encounter
? Recommend methods this team might use to avoid decision- making problems.

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I have attached some aggregate case study material and an analysis my team and I did on Southwest Airlines a few years back.

On team decision-making, you might consider looking at The Abilene Paradox and Group Think, they are opposite sides of ...

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The solution provides a case analysis of Southwest with particular attention to its optimization of human capital and organizational culture. Several attachments provide support for the analysis including a 26 page team paper completed in concert with the author, with four pages of references (APA format).