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    Using Storybook to involve families

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    Can you assist me with the following:

    Review the Harvard Family Research Project Storybook Corner. (http://www.hfrp.org/family-involvement/projects/family-involvement-storybook-project/storybook-corner).
    Read the overview regarding the Family Involvement Network Project and the Family Involvement Storybook Project. Read Tomasito's Mother Comes To School (http://www.hfrp.org/family-involvement/projects/family-involvement-storybook-project/storybook-corner/tomasito-s-mother-comes-to-school) and the accompanying activities. Choose a book from Harvard Family Research Project: Family Involvement Storybook Selections (http://www.hfrp.org/var/hfrp/storage/fckeditor/File/storybook.pdf) or from Reading is Fundamental: Multicultural Booklist (http://www.rif.org/us/literacy-resources/multicultural/2012-multicultural-booklist.htm) to create a lesson to engage children and their families.

    1. Include a summary of the text itself, why you chose the book and what you hope to accomplish by using it with your students and their families.
    2. Create a family letter about your chosen story book and inviting families to attend school to take part in group activities related to the book.
    3. Create at least five (5) discussion questions to use with your students and their families.
    4. Create two (2) different activities that can be completed by families and their children in the classroom.
    5. Create one (1) activity that can be completed by the family at home.
    6. Create an evaluation form to solicit feedback from parents and students to assess the value of this program.
    Be sure to assist with each question asked.

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    After viewing the list of books, I chose "Off to School Baby Duck!" which was written written in 1999, by Amy Hest, and illustrated by Jill Barton (1). This book is about baby duck's first day of school. She is very nervous about going to school for the first time and was afraid the teacher would be mean. She doesn't want to eat breakfast, hides under the table with her blue school bag, slowly puts on her sweater, and slowly buckles her shoes. Her school bag had been packed with things such as a favorite book, a sandwich with Jam, a tall pad, and one yellow pencil which her little sister added. On the way to school, her parents attempt to move Baby Duck along faster, but she is so nervous that she could not make herself do so. When they arrived at the school yard, her grandfather was waiting. Grandfather duck noticed how nervous she was, and made her feel more comfortable by reminding her of the things that she was good at, such as singing songs and drawing pictures. She made up a song and then took out her notepad and started to draw, which caught the attention of another little duck named Davey Duck. The teacher joined them and reassured her that she was not mean and they would sing songs, draw pictures, and do lots of fun things. After that she was ready to go to school.

    This book was chosen because it can extremely difficult for some children to transition into kindergarten from preschool, daycare, or being home with a parent or caregiver. Starting kindergarten can be a confusing time, combined with fear of what is to come, nervousness of meeting new people, and the sheer terror of leaving their family and comfort zone.

    The goal of using this ...

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    Discusses how to use the story "Off to school baby duck!" to involve students and their families in helping a child transition into kindergarten.