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Elements that Help Make up a Good Children's Book

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Chapter 4 of your text provides an in-depth look at the elements that help make up a good children's book. For this dicussion, you will create a lesson plan devoted to one of those key elements. You will first decide on a grade level to teach this lesson to. Next, choose a story that you feel is developmentally appropriate for that grade level. Then, plan a 10-minute partial lesson that utilizes that story. Your lesson needs to focus on introducing or teaching one of the story elements such as: character, plot, setting, theme, or even beginning, middle, or end.

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Storybook Lesson on Character---- This will be a Preschool Lesson Plan---- Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler and R. Gregory Christie

Behavioral Objective- The children will learn about how characters help a story make sense. They will learn that it is the characters that help move the plot along. The children will listen to the story to see how it is the characters of this story that makes the story. This children's book will also work to teach cultural diversity through music and language. This storybook shows how ...

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This a pre-school lesson plan for music and literature.

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Also I have attached a chart that I need help giving more similarities and difference on different genres.

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