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To be successful, teachers need knowledge of excellent children's literature (Feeney & Moravcik, 2005; Morow & Gambrell, 2002, 2004). Read the article, Using Read-Alouds with Critical Literacy Literature in K-3 Classrooms.
Identify two books that you believe have these important characteristics of excellent children's literature:

A clear and engaging plot with an easy-to-follow sequence of events.
Memorable characters
Vivid language that reflects the mood of the story
A truthful theme
Quality illustrations that enhance the story
A respectful message about people, cultures, or race
Identify the books by title, author, and publisher. Explain how your choice addresses each of the necessary characteristics.

519 words describing two books

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The first book I would use that has this theme is called Fancy Nancy by: Jane O Conner Published by: Harper Collins
This book is a great choice because it has theme in which one child in the family is very different from the rest of her plain Jane family. She feels out of place because she uses lots of vocabulary that is unfamiliar to the family as well as dressing up and wearing very fancy clothes. Her family is very unsure of her behavior at first but then they too decide that they could become fancy for a day to help make her happy. This book has very vivid imagery within the character Nancy herself. The kids will love looking at all the ways she dresses and there is even a part where ...

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