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Impacts of Divorce on Children

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For this project, put the information from the articles you evaluated in (Project 3.) into a literature review. A minimum of five relevant references are to be analyzed for the Literature Review. The references used are to be cited in the Literature Review of the Research Proposal. They are also to be included in the references page and in APA format.
Review of the Relevant Literature/Related Research/Literature Review: Provide a minimum of five research studies that
Address the same topic chosen for the proposal.
1. What are the similar areas of study or studies that lead up to the current research? Identify the importance of the
Questions being asked.
2. Report on the current status of the topic.
3. Analyze the relationship between the literature reviewed and the problem statement.
Include a summary, along with a restatement of the relationships between the variables under consideration and how these relationships are important to the proposed hypothesis. (Estimated length - two to three pages)

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This research contains over 1,700 words in APA format with references and is focused on the short and long term impacts of divorce on children. Specifically, it researches the emotional, social, and financial implications that children deal with and studies how this impacts them during childhood and entering adulthood. This literature review uses 5 similar resources to gather data and build synthesis between the authors points of views.

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The Impacts of Divorce on Children: A Review of the Literature


The overwhelming impact of divorce has become an issue that affects both children and parents social lives. These impacts have caused professionals and parents to both have concerns about the long-term effects that divorce will have on children of all ages, including the financial impacts and psychological impacts felt from divorce. Research of children who have been impacted by divorce is still relatively new however it is helping both professionals and parents to gradually gain a better understanding and appreciation for how difficult divorce is for children of any age as well as for their parents. The following research considers the impacts and ramifications of divorce on children ranging in age from adolescence through young adulthood and summarizes the existing articles that were analyzed.

The focus of my research will be to measure the different aspects of a child's life that is greatly impacted during divorce. My focus will include the short and long-term impacts of divorce, and will also examine how parents handle these situations financially between both parents and try to determine how the combination of psychological trauma and financial burdens translate into a child's well-being and state of mind (Cooper Sumner, 2013).

The impact of divorce on children is a literature review that will focus on children's emotions, psychological well-being, their feelings, and their ability to deal successfully in society. The research indicates that divorce is almost always a traumatic experience in people's lives, and this trauma is exponentially greater in a child's life. When parents divorce, it is often that parents will forget the feelings of the children during their altercations and their settlement actions. By examining children of all age groups, the intent of the research is to try and better understand the impacts of divorce on children and their parents to help gain a better perspective on how to manage these situations with the child's best interest in mind.
The research indicates that children have many struggles to cope with such as peer pressure and societal pressures, so divorce only adds to their complexity in their day to day realities. Often parents forget how hard it is on their children to deal with all of these pressures so this research is intended to try to help parents better understand the child's perspective when they make their final decisions during divorce. Helping children cope with divorce through better understanding their emotional state of mind and well-being should translate into their adult lives which will not only benefit the child that will also benefit society as a whole ...

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