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    Analysis of Sexual Abuse and Divorce and Families

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    Give an analysis of these two issues ( sexual abuse, divorce) and how they affect families. Using these two articles to support your evaluation, compare how each issue could potentially impact the family.

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    Both sexual abuse and divorce can potentially be very traumatic for the entire family. Here's how:

    Sexual Abuse:
    Individual (victim) may experience trust issues which can later have a negative impact on their relationships with others;
    Parent may be over-protective of children (for fear the same will happen to them);
    Depression and shame may impact family dynamic;
    Victim may become an abuser;

    Children blame themselves for divorce;
    Children will be split between both parents, two homes, etc. (joint custody);
    Family income may be affected (e.g. single mother may not be able to afford house on her own and will be forced to move);
    Divorcees and children may all suffer from depression;

    Both sexual abuse and divorce can impact more than than just the parties involved (e.g. children). According to article ...

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    This solution provides an analysis of the various ways that sexual abuse and divorce can have an negative impact on families. I used two articles to support these claims.