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Issues in Family Therapy

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A brief analysis of two issues (abuse, addiction, divorce, etc.) affecting families is embedded here. Compare the ways that each issue could potentially impact the family, using some outside articles.

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200 words of notes and references briefly illustrate how gambling addiction and incest impact families.

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I researched how gambling addiction significantly impacts families and can promote feelings of fear, guilt, lack of communication, general instability, chaos, shame, anger, and/or mistrust. In addition, there can also be a sense of isolation, anxiety, depression, as well as thoughts of suicide upon not only the gambler but also the affected family members.

Experts also discuss some possible ramifications upon families:

McComb, J. L., Lee, B. K., & Sprenkle, D. H. (2009). Conceptualizing and Treating Problem Gambling as a Family Issue. Journal Of Marital & Family Therapy, 35(4), 415-431.

McComb, Lee, & Sprenkle (2009) regard how problem gambling can deeply impact couple and family relationships as "The ...

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