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Drug Treatment Programs

Explain the following treatment modalities:

- Individual therapy
- Group therapy
- Didactics
- Family therapy
- Spiritual or religious therapy
- Psychotherapy

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- Individual therapy: Individual therapy is given in a one to one setting to the patients wherein the counselor resolves individual problems and issues of the patients, monitors his progress and explores patient's harmful addictive patterns. The individual therapy sessions ensure privacy for those patients that do not wish to discuss their issues in front of a group. The one to one sessions with the therapists allow the individuals to dig deeper into the issues and spend more time with the therapist to discuss those issues.

- Group therapy: Group therapy is given in a group setting wherein patients try to develop skills for adapting living, ways to control anger and learn to express themselves in an honest manner. The patients rehearse with these skills with the help and support of their peer groups.

One of the advantages of group sessions is that it is much more cost effective as compared to individual sessions. Further, when the individual takes the sessions with other people who have been through the same situations or circumstances, it ...

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The solution discusses various drug treatment programs. It consider various therapies such as individual therapy, group therapy, didactics, family therapy, spiritual/religious therapy, and psychotherapy.