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Drugs, Youth Culture & Juvenile Justice

The role of drugs as part of youth culture and what are the system linkages between the juvenile justice and adolescent treatment system? What clinical and programmatic issues are involved in the planning for substance abuse treatment of juvenile offenders? And what factors are involved in engaging hard to reach and hard to reach adolescent populations?

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Hi and thank you for your trust. This particular problem is all about providing answers to the set of questions you listed. The answer that you need to provide should also be concise - your professor will be expecting a short essay that discusses the ideas that are relevant. I suggest creating an outline to be the basis for this short essay:

1. Drugs & Youth culture - 50 words introduction
2. Juvenile justice & adolescent treatment systems as it relates to drugs & drug crimes - 100 words
3. Clinical & Programmatic issues on rehabilitation from drug abuse - 100 words
4. Factors in engaging hard to reach populations - 100 words

This should be around 350 words. You should check with your current class materials as well to ensure that you include concepts and ideas from there in your final answer as some class materials are very specific. Good luck with your studies; just let know if you need further clarification with the information provided here.

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Drugs & Youth Culture

It certainly appears that drugs are intrinsically linked to youth culture. According to a BBC Report (1999), "Drug use among young people has become a normal part of dance and youth culture, " in a "...study carried out by Edinburgh University and drugs agency Crew 2000," which found that, "more than half of young people surveyed mix drugs and alcohol and a quarter sometimes drive under the influence of drugs...young people attending dance venues considered drug usage as commonplace, with 78% of the 222 respondents stating they had used drugs at some stage." Drugs, in a sense, is equated to ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the topic of youth culture and drugs; in particular the connection between substance/drug abuse and juvenile justice. The solution provides answers to the key questions posted (see above) and lists resources that can be useful to further explore the topic.