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Criminal Justice System

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1. Should status offenders and juvenile delinquents be treated alike by the justice system?

2. Why are males more delinquent than females? Is it a matter of lifestyle, culture or physical properties?

3. Should there be mandatory incarceration for chronic juvenile offenders?

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Interesting debatable questions! Let's take a closer look through discussion and example.

1.Should status offenders and juvenile delinquents be treated alike by the justice system?

This is a matter of opinion. Some argue that juvenile delinquents should not to be treated like status offenders because they are still basically children and do not think have the thinking abilities of adults; thus do not have the capacity to rationally consider the consequences of their actions like adults have the ability to. So, since youth are qualitatively different than adults, therefore they should be treated differently. Also, youth have different developmental needs than adults, so they need different programming e.g., ...

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