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Justice and the Criminal Justice System

Justice seeks to make things right. The idea of justice is based on ethics, equality, human rights, religion, and solidarity. John Rawls says that "justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought."

Is justice the first virtue of the criminal justice system? Why or why not? Have your ideas about the concept of justice changed since the beginning of this course? Why? Make sure to substantiate your reasons with cited facts.

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Justice SHOULD be the first virtue of the criminal justice system because a system without fair and just results is not justice. This summary will provide an examination of the unjust criminal justice system in the United States and YOU must develop YOUR own ideas of how justice applies to YOUR COURSE. In the criminal justice system within America, the poor and minorities often do not receive justice. The system currently operates for the haves and doesn't provide sufficient justice for the have-nots. For the majority of indigent offenders, ...

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The expert examines justice and the criminal justice system.