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    Augmenting a Criminal Justice Budget

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    There are many areas of criminal justice to cover budget wise. I need help here.

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    The criminal justice system augments (adds to) a criminal justice budget based on the growing needs of the departments and communities. One one way to understand this process is through looking at an illustrative example.

    Notice in the example below, that based on growth needs, Criminal Justice Training and Justice Administration were added to the budget to meet the grow and changes necessary to the system (from 2003 to 2008). Each department or area will develop their own expected budget and the overall Criminal Justice Budget reflects the financial resources allocated accordingly:


    Overall Growth Since FY 2000 is 33 %

    Criminal justice expenditures have increased across time in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The growth appears to be accelerating with time. The criminal justice budget for FY 2000 was nearly $810 million and for FY 2003 was $937 million a 13.5 % increase in just three years. FY 2003 criminal justice spending was divided as follows:

    Criminal Justice System FY 2003

    Corrections $324,022,600 34.57%
    Judiciary $200,368,100 21.38%
    State Police $133,018,300 14.19%
    Juvenile $115,105,100 ...

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    Through illustrative example, this solution discusses the strategies that a person could suggest to augment a criminal justice budget.