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Appendices and References

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Create and submit the time schedule for the proposed research and resources needed, as well as additional personnel, budget details, the consent forms and the questions for the surveys/questionnaires/interviews. The questions and possible responses must support the research objectives and the hypothesis.

Time schedule/time line
Resources needed
Needed Assurances/Clearances

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Time schedule/Time line

The time schedule that was used for these references was predicated upon qualitative research that ascertained the efficacy of correctional policies by viewing the literature that was available as well as immersing the researcher into the field to view the subject for themselves.

Resources needed

The use of resources included utilizing different qualitative tools such as interviewing, surveys, observations that enabled the researcher to get up close and personal with the phenomenon, and permission from the wardens within the correctional institutions to view the correctional officers within their ...

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The solution assists with creating and submitting the time schedule for the proposed research and resources needed.

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Help with Appendices

I am doing a case analysis on Pepsico's entry into India--aside from intro, summary, etc., part of the instructions was:

Appendices: All documents that need to be presented in whole should be included as an appendix and appropriate references to the appendices are to be included in the text of your paper.

I honestly have never written a paper with appendices (how do I include as an appendix and appropriate references to the appendices in the text)? Should I also include this in my references later or on a separate page?

Can someone give me a rough example/sample exactly according to the above instructions? Do documents refer to charts, graphs and what else are 'whole' documents?

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